SmartCat is a Brain-powered AI Company created with love and expertise!

We want to create a dream team of bright people. Together, we find novel ways to solve complex data problems for carefully selected projects. The result? Our solutions have a positive and measurable impact on everyday life, business, and society.

Company barbecue with beers IS NOT team building. It’s just a barbecue. We build teams every day, in everything we say and do; in every email, message, pull and push request. That’s why folks who get a job here stay here… for an average 4+ years (and we were launched 6 years ago). And they’re an actual team, not some strangers on a payroll. We don’t do turnovers. We invest into people – knowledge budgets, generous time off, work from home, mentorship, support etc.

Together with our partners (some people see them just as clients), develop meaningful data solutions and functional data strategies for challenging business problems. The SmarCat team provides an end-to-end solution (we take care of everything from the get-go to the final solution) by having various expertise under the same roof. And we love what we do! We designed our culture this way so that we can empower decision makers around the globe to make a difference with their data. 

We don’t just look great, we are great! And we are proud of it. This is the SmartCat story – contact us to learn more.